The Fun of Crop Mastery on FarmVille

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The Fun of Crop Mastery on FarmVille

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As you advance levels in the game of Farmville, and you become more skilled at the basic aspects of the game, you may desire a new challenge. Crop Mastery is a great way to challenge yourself and to have something to show for your hard work.  Mastering crops takes time, but if you are a regular player then you may be up for the challenge.

There are three levels of mastery for all Farmville produce, except limited edition crops which cannot be mastered. To begin the art of mastery you may wish to start easy with a one or two day crop to focus upon. You should estimate how many plots of land you have, to determine about how long it will take you to conquer each harvest.

For details on how much work you will need to do to master a crop, visit your market page and mouse over the stars and progress bar below each crop. You will see a number to indicate how much you have already planted and how much of that crop you will still need to plant. For example, to conquer the first level of rice mastery, you need to harvest 400 plots. If you have already harvested some, when you mouse over the progress bar, you will see a number such as 302 above the 400 to indicate the earlier produce you planted. Each level of mastery requires you to harvest more of that crop than the previous level. You can also visit our article, FarmVille Crop Mastery Table.

If you are not sure what crop to start with, decide how often you will be able to visit your farm. If you can only visit twice a day, consider a twelve hour crop. If, however, you live and breathe Farmville, go all out and harvest those two hour crops. How much of a crop you need to plant is determined upon how long that crop takes to grow. Raspberries, a very short two hour crop, require 1500 units for the first star. Bell peppers take two days to harvest, but only require 350 units for that first level. Determining what to master will depend on what you have the time to do.

If you are intent on getting as many crops mastered as possible, you may want to rotate between mastering two or three crops at a time. For example, plant a twelve hour crop before bed, plant a two hour crop if you are home for the morning and plant an eight hour crop before you leave for work.  It will take longer to master more than one crop at a time, but you may find it fits your schedule better.

So what is it all for? Crop masters receive a Mastery Sign for each crop they conquer. You can place your sign anywhere on your property to exhibit your superb farming abilities. Crop mastery signs are bragging rights on Farmville. A daunting row that catches the eye of visitors is especially nice to have.

Crop Mastery is rumored to become even more fun in the near future. Zynga has mentioned a coming Farmer’s Market where Mastery will be important. So, if you haven’t conquered any crops yet, get to work. The fun is just beginning!