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Internet games have undergone an amazing evolutionary process ever since the global network was introduced almost exactly 25 years ago. People used to play games over the ‘net from the very beginning, but most of the times these games were simple word games, puzzles, or perhaps text-based adventures. Two and a half decades later, online entertainment looks completely different – and not only because entire industries have been built on top of it. The devices we use to consume it – as well as the speed and security of our connections – has evolved at an incredible pace, allowing us to play games more complex and deep than ever before. Even for real money.

The evolution of real money online games

Gambling has been around for centuries – so it was expected to find its way into the online world sooner or later. It happened to be sooner, in the mid-1990s, when an ingenious software development company has found a way to combine the entertainment value of casino games with secure payment methods that allow players to make transactions and wager over the internet with peace of mind. And the evolution this form of gaming has undergone in the last two decades is amazing.

Today you can play over 700 online casino games at the Red Flush Online Casino, a great example of the real money gaming industry. And all this in a completely secure and regulated environment: Red Flush casino takes pride in offering its players the fairest games and the strictest security measures. And its games are not confined to desktop computers either: over the years, the Red Flush online casino has expanded its reach to cover web browsers, and mobile phones as well. The Red Flush Mobile casino has one of the largest collections of mobile-first games, with over 100 titles for its players to explore, both free of charge and for real money – with real money wins.

The future of online games

The advent of the smartphone has a massive effect on the way people play online today. Most modern casual games live as “apps” on certain smartphone platforms. Players are most of the times interested in downloading and installing their favorite games on their smartphones rather than sitting down in front of the computer to play them on a larger screen. This means that the PC is losing its importance as a casual gaming platform, and so does the console – smartphones are now the dominant devices when it comes to casual games.

Online games will live on, but in a different form. Instead of “flash game portals”, a species of websites slowly disappearing, we’ll have online game collections pointing toward the apps in the various app marketplaces. This will make gaming a bit more personal, but certainly a bit less casual at the same time.