5 Mafia Wars Strategies

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5 Mafia Wars Strategies

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Mafia Wars, a game designed by Zynga, has become greatly popular. In fact, it now has millions of players. One of the useful motivations of such game is to expand and strengthen your Mafia family by convincing your friends to join in. To succeed in this game, you need to fight, purchase properties, level up, make money, grow your family, experience points, and a whole lot more.

Since it is now so popular, it isn’t a surprise that more and more people are now looking for ways just to find useful cheats on the said game. Unfortunately, these cheats are very hard to find. This is because Zynga is really good at fixing any leaks or cheats. Instead of cheating, you can employ some useful strategies to help you succeed in Mafia Wars.

Some Mafia Wars Strategies are:

1. Fight
It is advisable to fight bigger Mafia. The secret here is to choose the person who has a lot of money which is proportionate to a huge possibility of winning the game. Before joining in the fight, make sure your supply of money is low. This is important because those who have more money also have more to lose once they lose a fight. It is important to buy properties and businesses first before getting into a fight.

2. Take care of your health
The cost of restoring your health to the highest level depends on the amount of money you have. The rule here is: the less money, the more advisable it is to consult your doctor. Those who have a large amount of money are often asked by the doctor to pay bigger amount for their healing. Nevertheless, you have to consider the amount you can earn from fights because it can be smaller than the amount you have to pay for your doctor.

3. Buy properties and businesses
If you’re sure that you won’t be playing Mafia Wars again for the next few hours, make sure to purchase several properties and businesses first. They will contribute a lot to your income even while you are playing. It is also okay to wait until you accumulate enough money.

4. Improve your stamina by using skill points
It is always worthwhile to utilize your skill points because it will help improve your stamina which in turn allows you to do more jobs. If you do more jobs, you are actually leveling up for every job. It not only provides you with skill points but also defense and attack points. Another tip is to upgrade or restore your health early to be able to fight for a few more rounds.

5. Upgrade your energy level
Energy is vital in this game because it lets you do more missions that bring in money.

These are just few Mafia Wars strategies which will make you level up speedily and gain more money while still having fun playing this oh-so-addictive game.